Owners of Clothing Shops can’t even fit into the sample sizes these days…

If you picked up the Sunday Times in London this weekend you will have read the fantastic article on Belle Robinson(pictured above with her two daughters), owner of the clothing company Jigsaw. The piece was about being a “normal sized” girl in a “model sized” world. Here are some choice quotes:

  • “Nothing is more unattractive to me than seeing these emaciated girls in beautiful clothes. Once, I saw a girl in a halterneck evening dress, and you could clearly see every bone of the ribcage in her back. We have to get a grip on having created this world where skinny girls are normal.”
  • Dressing for a high-profile job in the fashion industry when you’re the wrong side of sample size can be a headache.
  • “It has got a lot easier these past few seasons, though. Thankfully, we haven’t had a big skirt or trouser moment for a while,” she says, thinking about the waistband problem. “You used to have to wear a certain trend, otherwise people would look at you as if you were so last season. There is a lot more freedom with all this boho going on: it’s okay to wear dresses. I love dresses. I still haven’t worked out a way to do leggings. I know I can’t go there — they are so unflattering.” 
  • “Most of the time, I’m pretty happy with who I am. Would being a size 14 make me that much happier? On balance, I doubt it. I enjoy life, and one of my favourite pastimes is eating and drinking with friends. To sit there permanently beating myself up about what I’ve eaten and what I shouldn’t eat — I think I’d just shoot myself.” 

The article as a whole is worth a read.


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