Move over Crocs…there’s a new shoe in town..NATIVE

I’ll just start out by being honest. I hate Crocs. I think they are hideous and I think if you aren’t a nurse and are wearing them out and about you should be put in fashion prison for crimes against beauty.  But I’m just one person and obviously someone must like the things as people everywhere keep buying the darn things!

Well if you insist on wearing comfortable shoes that are easy to get on and off then why not take a step up from Crocs and remain a bit dignified with your style?  I received notification the other day of a new line of shoes being released into the shopping world. Their called NATIVE shoes and are made of a lightweight foam-injected molded EVA material. Don’t ask me to explain what the heck that means! From what I can tell they are the love child of Crocs and Converse. Will you be buying a pair?


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