Kirsty Hume and the Great Hair Debate

Whenever I think about cutting my hair I always think back to the story, published in Vogue, of Kirsty Hume. Kirsty was known throughout the modelling world for her gorgeous hair. No one had ever seen goldie locks like this before! Her hair was perfect. That is not an exaggeration. It was perfection! 

So for those of us obsessed with hair we will never forget the moment when we opened the magazine and found pictures of Kirsty scissoring it all off! 

Admittedly, she was still gorgeous with a razor cut but she wasn’t the same girl that was made famous several years before. I believe she was trying to make a statement that she could get work with or without the hair. But did it work? Really? I mean she was absolutely everywhere with her long hair. You couldn’t open Vogue, Elle or Glamour without seeing Kirsty staring back at you. When the hair went Kirsty seemed to disappear as well. This could be for any reason and have nothing at all to do with the hair. But is is just a coincidence that we see her back when her hair is almost as long as it was before the disappearance? I’ll let you be the judge. But I haven’t seen Kirsty in absolutely ages and then this morning I see her staring back from a look book with the goldie locks looking better than ever….and this is why I won’t cut my hair! Yes, it is vain but you have to work with what you were given in life and I’m working with some seriously awesome locks that I won’t be cutting any time soon!


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