Jimmy Choo Trainers….will you be buying a pair?

We love Jimmy Choo just as much as the next girl but we aren’t sure that about the trainers (‘sneakers’ for my American readers). Jimmy Choo is all about making a woman feel sexy and powerful. It’s about giving some women that extra five inches of confidence when you need it most. Trainers are run about shoes. These are shoes like Converse, Reebok, Nike or Adidas. We invest about £50 max for trainers every three months and we have some Chuck Taylors that have been in our closets for years. So when we heard that Jimmy Choo was releasing trainers that would run £350 to £395 in price we weren’t exactly running to the nearest store. We’ll keep that money and invest in their newest line of stilettos, thank you very much.  Choo isn’t the only designer footwear brand branching out into luxury trainers. The Daily Mail reports that Christian Louboutin has released a trainer priced at £545 and Rick Owens has a pair on the market for £800! That is a huge chunk of change! Will you be running out to grab a pair or will you be sticking to the old classics this year?

Jimmy Choo has, however, started a rather clever marketing campaign alongside the trainers….see below. If I saw a poor little white Jimmy Choo bag sitting all by itself I’d just have to grab it right up!:


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