Get ready for Cannes with Orlebar Brown…being seen in anything else is just uncivilized!

I have a secret tool when it comes to male fashion. It’s called the “Boyfriend Barometer” and it works like a charm. You see my boyfriend is stylish…he just didn’t know it until I came along. That might be a little egotistical but oh well. He had all the beginnings of a male model hidden behind rock t-shirts and jeans. Let’s face it, there might not be a sexier look in the world than a strapping lad sporting an AC/DC shirt and worn jeans (Yes, babe I do actually love that look despite what I say all the time). However, I think sometimes straight men need guidance when it comes to that extra step in style…the step that says “hey, look at me, I’m hot, I know it and I’m proud.”   I say straight men because all of my gay male friends have taste that is about three thousand times better than mine and I won’t begin to try and give them fashion advice…I’m usually on the receiving end of that one.

So back to the “Boyfriend Barometer”…As my boyfriend is coming out of his “style shell” it is very interesting to see what clothing he likes and dislikes. For example, I never thought in a million years he would wear a pink shirt. I love pink shirts on men! He wore one yesterday, felt hot in it…and I think he is now embracing the “pink side”. I’ll point out things in shops and he’ll shoot it down or pick it up and I am constantly surprised by his choices. The man has mad style! Honestly. I think sometimes you just have to tell people it’s ok to be into clothes…and then they run with it and go nuts! To make a long story short, the  “Boyfriend Barometer” tells me what is going to be a hit. I’m not lying here. Everything the boy has liked seems to take off and hasn’t stopped running! He has this knack for spotting trends now that I can’t even claim to have after 20 years of reading every glossy magazine cover to cover.

Which leads me to the point of this post (I know it took me a while but I needed to explain some things, you know?)…

I was given a great look book yesterday from a line that I hate to admit I had never heard of before. I felt very out of the loop as I know for a fact I’ve seen a few men wearing these before and can clearly remember the gorgeous outline of their…(ok, I’ll stop there or I won’t have a boyfriend by the end of this post).  Who was this look book for, you ask? None other than the great Orlebar Brown. Ladies, open the link with caution as you may swoon right there in  your office chair. The men on this retail website are the best looking I have seen since…well since ever!  Example:

The BF loved what Orlebar Brown was presenting! So much so that I now have to go out and purchase half the book on his behalf!

Now try and focus, ladies, as I have a task for you. Summer is here. Cannes (for yachting at the forthcoming festival), Ibiza, Martha’s Vineyard, Montauk, Malibu and Palm Beach are all calling. The days of letting your man roll up in any old swim short are long over! It’s time to take command and tell them to step up to the fashion plate. No more horrible old tatty shorts. Get yourself to Selfridges or Harrods (for the UK based) or shop online for Orlebar Brown. You have no excuses this year! Our favourites are the Dane and the Pup…and the “Boyfriend Barometer” tells us these are going to be huge. See pics below. Oh and in case you are thinking the Pups look a little short it’s time for you to pick up your latest copy of Hello! Magazine. This season men, both straight and gay, are rocking the short shorts! Why not? You guys spend hours in the gym. Why hide those amazing thigh muscles that we love?!

Now that we covered your man’s attire for the sun spots this year why not also give yourself a little treat? Orlebar Brown just recently launched a women’s line as well. Hello, gorgeous!
Here are a few of the ones we will be sporting on the beach front (and on the roof of Shoreditch House once it gets warm enough in London):

We can’t say enough good things about this brand…and you should know by now that we only promote the ones we love honestly and wholeheartedly.


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