Fashion News from the inside…Beth Ditto returns

I’ve just had the following little news bite drop into my inbox that I thought you guys might enjoy. I’ll go ahead and quote since it is worded so well…like only a true talented PR could do….

Beth’s exciting new collection reflects fashion styles from the decades of the last century.  She has spent the past year travelling the World gathering inspiration for this iconic second collection.  In true Ditto style, Beth invites you to step into her fashion wardrobe, where unconventional challenges the norm.  There’s Victorian mixed with 80s punk, through to 40s vintage with a noughties modern edge, all of which create a range of eclectic hybrid designs. “

We can’t wait to see the collection in person and hope we will be invited to do so! 

Now, we at FFG pride ourselves on being honest about fashion and not biased based on the relationships we have in the industry. So at a great risk here we must state something very clearly. When it was announced that Beth Ditto was doing a first collection for Evans we were very excited to see what she would come up with. However, when the line was released we weren’t in the least bit impressed. But, the great thing about life is that the world is full of second chances and also that our opinion isn’t the only one that matters. Plenty of people must have loved the garments or Evans wouldn’t be going back for round two, right?

So we are going to keep an open mind. We like Beth Ditto. We like Evans. This could be a second collection that we absolutely adore. We’ll wait and see and bring you the images as soon as we have them as everyone’s taste is different and we don’t make the rules for fashion…you make your own rules.


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