Clogs….because you begged

Clogs. Where to start. We don’t like them. We wish they were a trend that had never come back. They belong in the land of Heidi and that’s it! However, we aren’t always right and we realise that our taste is not the be all and end all. Over the past few weeks we’ve gone through dozens of emails asking about clogs or referencing them in someway. So obviously this is something we can’t ignore. Therefore, we will embrace change and suggest what we feel are the best solutions to a trend that doesn’t seem to want to die!  As we scored the internet last night we weren’t surprised to find that the best selection from la creme de la creme of clogs could be purchased from one place and one place only – Net-a-porter.  I know we reference them a lot but when you’ve got a good thing going why not recommend it to everyone right? So all the clogs pictured above are available at from the holy land of couture…that wonderful place fashionistas call home…where we all hope heaven dials into for wardrobe checks…


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