A break from fashion….a little bit of politics for you…

Well you didn’t think we were going to get all serious did you? Never! Always a bit of fun here at FFG. We got an email this morning about four new Ben and Jerry‘s flavours hitting the UK in the run up to the election…and there are some real winners here!

We have:

Gordon Fudge Brownie-

In the red corner is Gordon Fudge Brownie.  Not for the faint hearted, every scoop of the Brown chocolate ice cream is laden with Economic, ahem, we mean, Chocolate brownie pieces, lovingly made by the Greyston Bakery in New York, which helps the homeless get work skills and become self sufficient. Will Brownie be sufficient enough to win ice cream flavour fans’ vote? You decide…

Cameron Chew Chew-

In the blue corner is the super-sweet Cameron Chew Chew.  The charismatic Tory leader’s caring side is immortalised within caramel ice cream and rivers of even more caramel, populated with chocolate covered chewy caramel pieces.  Hug a hoodie …or grab a scoop of this!

Cheesecake Clegg-

As an awesome alternative, in the yellow corner, is none other than Cheesecake Clegg. Cheesecake is jam-packed with real strawberries and oatmeal cookie chunks, on a base of smooth, creamy strawberry Caring Dairy Frozen Yoghurt- refreshing low fat vs its chunkier contenders. Will Cheesecake Clegg rule the scoops?

Baked Alucas-

Keeping it green, and dedicated to combating climate change, is Baked Alucas.  This veritable vanilla ice cream, with free range eggs, meringue swirls and white chocolately Polar Bears, funds Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College in Alaska to help freeze the melt, one lick at a time.

Which one will you vote for? Go to the B&J website now to cast your vote!

All images courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s UK.


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