The best staple dresses we’ve found this season…

Today was the first official day of Spring in London. Why was it official, exactly? Well, we always count the first day as Spring as the day when we can count ten women walking around town in dresses or skirts with bare legs. The tights have been thrown in the back of the closet for next winter and the summer florals and linens have come out to play for the warm summer days ahead. London is marvelous in the sun and it brings out the best in all of us in the UK.  This weekend we will be updating our wardrobes and making sure we have all of the appropriate attire for the hot days to come.  Summer to us is a time of year when you can never own enough dresses. In fact, that’s all I wear from the first sunny day to the first gray autumn morning.

So, today was my first day on the hunt for dresses to fill my spring/summer wardrobe. I’ve been shopping online all day and ordering up a storm! One site where I ended up spending way too much money was Isabella Oliver. I have one of their wrap dresses from last year which I have worn nearly to death. It comes off the hanger and into the office at least twice a month (which is a good showing for the amount of dresses I have to choose from at the moment).  Even though I have worn it over and over again, I swear this dress looks as if I bought it only last month. It is incredible how the material holds up over time. I’m not kidding here ladies, these dresses are probably one of the best investments we can promote for the season ahead. Sure you can go in H&M and buy all the latest little trendy pieces which will last you a few weeks. Those are fun and we’ll buy those too. But for the pieces that are classic and timeless we want to invest our money for materials that stand the test of time.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the four Isabella Oliver dresses we think every woman should have access to immediately:

Order up now. These little numbers have been featured in every glossy you can think of and there have been several seasons when we have regretted not getting our orders in early enough. 


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