ASOS A/W 2010 Press Day

Fashion is changing…right before our very eyes. No longer must you throw down huge amounts of cash to look like a million dollars. The proof is in the pudding here with the display from ASOS for their forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 line.  I was honestly floored by not only the amazing designs that looked as if they had marched off a headlining catwalk but also by the quality of the items. I don’t know how they keep their clothing so modestly priced. Just take a quick look at what we have to look forward to in six months’ time. It is fantastic, cheaply priced and amazingly put together. Instead of buying one jacket at a designer boutique, we’ll be buying a whole wardrobe at ASOS.
(PS sorry for the quality of the pics….we only had our blackberries on us)

The knit accessories were to die for. Snoods rule and faux fox wraps are pure comical genius.
WE could go on and on about the accessories. The leather goods made us drool in our glass of champagne and the shoes had us tripping over each other in order to caress the sacred heels.

Thank you ASOS for not only showing us a wonderful collection but also in continuing to allow us to dress like fashionistas without breaking the bank!


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