Arcadia Group Autumn/Winter 2010 Press Day 21st April 2010

You have to hand it to the Arcadia group. They know how to throw a good party, even when the actual event isn’t a party at all. It’s meant to be a day of work. But let’s be honest…going to a press day for those who love fashion is the farthest thing from work possible! It’s a hard life but some of us have to do it. Yesterday, Arcadia group swung open their doors in a secret location in Bloomsbury and welcome in the fashion fold.  As you walked into the front room you were greeted by a DJ spinning fierce tunes, waiters with champagne, mimosas and orange juice and even more waiters making their way around with mini chocolate croissants and jam sandwiches. Glamourous women were weaving their way through the displays for all of the labels under the Arcadia umbrella. It was hard to tell which women were the PR contacts and which were press…everyone was dressed so fantastically well. Lest we forget this is the fashion world and you are what you wear.

Our first stop was at the Dorothy Perkins boutique.  Dorothy Perkins has come a long way in recent years. Where as before I would have (and this is being dead honest) turned my nose up at the shop, I now walk in almost always finding something I can walk out with.  The latest offering only shows their power to grow. There were some designs that could have been taken straight off a Ralph Lauren catwalk…it was that good!

Next, we moved on to Evans. Evans is a tough one. How do you dress a curvy lady without announcing “she’s wearing plus size clothing?” Well, Evans have found a way to make plus size clothing fashionable over the years. Their garments are on trend instead of the hideous throw backs we find in most clothing stores with a 14+ label.  For the colder months ahead Evans has planned some wonderful Gyspy like dresses, leather bombers, slip dresses and metallic detailing. There is plenty to look forward to here and I found myself wishing I was a size 16 when running my fingers over a few garments.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Wallis to turn a corner. The good news is it happens next season! Their Autumn Winter line is FANTASTIC! They had a red evening gown that is so Donna Karan it hurts! Their coats are cut perfectly this season to match the trends we were presented with on the runways and their nude colours do nothing but flatter the form of any individual. Wallis, you’ve hit it out of the park!

Miss Selfridge presented, by far, the best set to display their clothing for A/W 2010.Their garments were hung on mannequins that were placed in what is best described as a magical forest in Autumn.  I must confess it was quite the sight. I thought it would be hard to concentrate on the clothing with so much going on but I was surprised to find it actually enhanced the experience. You see, Miss Selfridge put you in the season. They made you forget it was summery sweet outside and brought you straight into the Autumn of 2010. Genius, pure genius.  And the clothes….well, there was a lot of faux fur and suede, flowers everywhere and studded leathers. I did love their bomber jacket and the two flower corsages pictured above.

And last, but certainly not least, was a quick trip to the Topshop stop! I don’t have to tell you this was brilliant. Topshop is always the favourite of every fashionista. Their wears have seen the closets of some of the best dressed women of our time! So it’s no surprise that the entire collection is stunning. Lots of leather, suede, sheepskin, wool, etc. It’s very “country moves into the city” and quite simply the best of the high street!


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