We are officially jealous of a Barbie doll….

…who gets to have Christian Louboutin as a Godfather! Is he adopting, as we would like to put an application forward to become his second Goddaughter! Surely if you can adopt a Barbie doll, you can adopt a blog, right? We know Barbie is kind of a big deal and everything but so are we in today’s modern world (or at least we like to pretend we are).

All kidding aside, today is the official release day of the second edition of Barbie by Christian Louboutin. You may remember the first Louboutin Barbie, which was released earlier by Net-a-Porter. It was the Cat-Burglar Barbie and that young lady was totally fierce! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better the duo come out with Dolly Forever Barbie (pictured herewith).  She is rocking some hot pink boots that we would sell our left arm for! So yes, we are a little jealous that the legendary Barbie gets all this love and attention from Louboutin, as well as four pairs of shoes designed exclusively for her (which come with the cutest little Louboutin boxes and shoe sleepers…)! The world is so unfair. But I can tell you one thing, the other dolls in Toys’r’us will be contacting their union managers…equal fashion rights for dollies everywhere…we can see the picket lines forming now!

We love the little details that have gone into creating this doll. First off, if you order from Net-a-Porter, the doll (in her box) comes within a huge black Net-a-Porter box, which we must admit is just about the best box ever to receive through the post. We’re convinced the black box has special happy hormones that are released when your hands grasp it’s smooth edges. I digress…the box for the Barbie Doll itself is a marvel. The Louboutin logo is everywhere and on the back of the box you have a lovely scenic print of Paris and this little ditty at the top:
(detail to the left)

“Dolly Forever
My Parisienne adventure takes a wild turn! In this photo shoot, I’m modeling fringed, hot pink boots created by godfather Christian – so fashionable and exotic!

Once you open the box, if you dare disturb the perfection of the item, you will find a fantastic Certificate of Authenticity for Barbie containing a number specific to your limited edition doll.  We won’t be dismantling our little gem but I have a feeling once my niece receives her doll that I have just ordered as a surprise (thank goodness she isn’t old enough to read the blog yet) she will do nothing of the sort. I give her an hour in fact before one of the shoes is missing and Auntie FFG has to run back out and buy a replacement. At £100 a pop I would suggest stressing the importance of these shoes to your little ones….they might as well learn an early fashion lesson here and there!

I will suggest you should hurry and get your orders in for these now as a little birdie has just told me they anticipate this will be a sell out! Off to Net-a-Porter with you!


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