This is why I occasionally think about putting down any Vogue I’m about to purchase…

The New York Daily News ran a story this morning on Gabourey Sidibe and her non-existent chances of being featured in Vogue. This comment, in particular, made my blood boil:

“She’s a joke in the fashion community,” a fashion industry insider scoffed. “What she wore on the red carpet at the Academy Awards wasn’t a dress, it was a tent.”

I’ve just pictured some supremely unhappy little bird who hasn’t eaten in months sitting in a coffee shop with her skinny soya latte making this comment. I’d rather not come down to the level of whoever this nobody was who was allowed to utter such unremarkable words. But I do believe that Gabby deserves every front cover one can be featured on and it has absolutely nothing to do with her size. This woman is amazing. Anyone that has seen Precious and has walked away thinking “oh my god, that woman was huge,” rather than “oh my god, that woman is the most talented actor I have seen on screen in ages”….probably shouldn’t be allowed to share their thoughts in general. 

The one part of the fashion world that has always held me back from jumping in with both feet has been this shallow level that about 65% of the industry works on.  And this 65% is mostly the people that are bitter they didn’t do better in life but instead are stuck serving coffee to the fashion greats. I just have this horrible feeling that none of it will ever change. It will only get worse. Only, I don’t understand how it can get any worse. How can people get any skinnier? How can we become more perfect?

I’d just like to say this and I hope somehow it gets back to you, Gabby.  I think you are an amazing young lady. You are beautiful and when you enter a room it really does light up because you have a heart of gold and a smile that not one of us can find a fault in. You’ve shown a life on screen that has made us all leave the theatre with such heavy hearts and an understanding of how lucky most of us are in life. Should we ever be editor of any magazines, yours will be the first face to grace our covers.  You are an inspiration to all men and women and don’t for one moment listen to the handful of  bitter fashion women in this world. Anyone that says a bad word about you is only JEALOUS! You are fantastic!


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