A Spring Clean is on the horizon

It’s a four day weekend for most of us this weekend and for me this is always the weekend that the Spring/Summer wardrobe comes out of storage and the Autumn/Winter collections are packed safely away for next year.  While most sane individuals are vacationing on beaches or skiing in the Alps during this little minibreak, I am at home deciding what to keep and what to chuck – for both seasons. Trends change so quickly that I rarely choose to pack, or unpack, all that I own.  I have garbage bags at the ready and they are filled to the brim with clothes that might have been ok last season but just won’t cut it this time around.  

Usually I visit the local charity shop and make their day with some designer duds they can put high pricetags on.  However, this year is a different story. Times are tough for everyone and I’m not embarassed to say I need the spare cash. If my Spring/Summer wardrobe is going to be up to scratch I have to make money off the pieces I’m pitching.  So it was like some sort of message from above when I received an email in my inbox about a company called The Closet Bureau

Picture this…you clean out your closet, fill bags with items of unwanted designer duds, send an email to the Closet Bureau and they will come and pick the clothes up themselves (which, hello! I love) and if they need dry cleaning, yup, they’ll take care of that too.  They’ll then take professional pictures of the items, list them on eBay, answer all questions about the item, ship it and…you have to do nothing! Just accept a nice envelope of cash at the end of the whole experience. How can it be that easy? I’ve just fallen in love all over again with resale because I don’t have to do a damn thing.

And for those of you that have no clue what should stay or what should go…you can hire a Closet Therapist for the day! That’s right! You can hire a stylist to come in and tell you what you need and don’t need. How fab is that? Forget the girlfriends as you really can’t trust them. They’ll be too nice to you. A Closet Therapist has no mercy and will deliver the whole truth!

Oh and here’s the other part I love. You can shop their ebay store to see if another woman’s trash is your treasure!

Alright…now I am just sounding like an obsessive…but I like bringing you guys the best!


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