Richemont to make Net-a-Porter founder, Natalie Massenet, supremely rich

It was all over the papers this weekend and journalists have been trying to get an official quote from Richemont or Net-a-Porter but neither will comment. 

Apparently the story goes like this….

Richemont (who you may know as the parent company for Cartier, Dunhill & Chloe, and also the third largest luxury goods group) has made an offer to acquire Net-a-Porter for £350 million.  It has been reported that the deal will be closed this week.  

Natalie Massenet currently holds an 18% stake of the company and would net at least £50 million from the closing.

It would be terribly sad for us to see Mrs. Massenet hand the company over.  Unfortunately this is the way in which business works. You make something great and more often than not you hand it over to someone else when the money can be made by doing so.  Massenet has created a site that has changed the way in which millions of women shop every day.  We can’t remember the last time we actually went to a shop to buy designer. Why do that when you get the lovely clothing delivered straight to you and in such fantastic packaging? 

Natalie….we beg you….don’t sell out! Keep hold of the great company you created…no good will come of handing your hard work over an outfit that is only interested in the bottom line.

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