Our funeral/Matrix wardrobe is sorted thanks to ..Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2010

Two images instantly sprang to mind as the models at Gareth Pugh marched down the runway.

1. Gareth might want to ease up on the love affair with Trinity from the Matrix.

2. If we have to attend any funerals in late 2010 our wardrobe is 100 percent sorted.

It was all about deep, dark and stark at Gareth Pugh in Paris. Whereas initially we thought this would be altogether depressing, looking back we are actually struck by just how amazing this collection is. Yes, it is mainly a black canvas we are dealing with and the neoprene leathers are an interesting touch, but the women look like serious superheros. It’s as if Pugh designed this line with one goal in mind: all women actually are Trinity from the Matrix. We love the idea behind it…empowering women with clothing. And we love the jackets that Pugh debuted. They are original, edgy and absolutely bloody gorgeous! They are like the love child of Balmain, Donna Karan and Karl Lagerfeld, and that is one hell of a creation!


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