My favourite preppy look and how it was created: Nantucket Reds

I have a weakness and it runs deep. I love preppy men. I can’t get enough of them and I will never, ever, grow out of it. There is something about walking around in East Hampton and seeing a man in a crisp white shirt, whether a polo or a button down, and nantucket red trousers that makes my heart ache.  I believe I was born to live a Ralph Lauren advert. Nothing else would explain this burning desire to surround myself with prepsters.  My ex-boyfriend used to wear the Nantucket reds and he knew it was my “melting point.”  So when I tripped onto this video on youtube this morning I couldn’t help but share it with everyone as it really is a cute little story. I give you the tale behind the creation of Nantucket Reds:


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