Mulberry’s Alexa Bag: the bag of the season that no one can get their hands on

We can’t remember the last bag that sold out as fast as Mulberry‘s Alexa Bag.  “It” bags come and go and most of them are bags that come on the scene and are then tossed into the back of our closets after the season and forgotten about entirely until a massive clearout comes around again.

Why does this happen? Well, because most ‘it’ bags are trendy. They don’t have a shelf life longer than three months. That’s just long enough for all the movie stars, socialites and models to carry them to death and long enough for Chinatown to make a repro to sell to all those who want to look like the movie stars, socialites and models.

It is not often that we get an ‘it’ bag with staying power. However, when we do they sell out fast. And that, folks, is exactly what happened with the new Mulberry Alexa Bag. Here one minute, gone the next. It is the most classic bag we’ve seen in a while and it isn’t going anywhere. So we can only hope that Mulberry will make a few thousand more to satisfy our appetites for such a sugary sweet handbag dream.

You may think that the Alexa looks quite familiar, right? It’s actually a design that is derived from the classic Mulberry Bayswater bag. However, it’s given that great up to date look, which is inspired by the one and only Alexa Chung. It’s made in that buttery soft Mulberry leather that you could stroke all day. The leather, as any Mulberry lover knows, actually looks better with age (which truly makes it an investment piece that even your great granddaughter might one day enjoy). So it’s worth every penny requested from the buyer on the swinging pricetag.

In case you have been in a hole underground for the past year, here’s a quick snapshot of the icon that inspired the bag. I present to you Alexa Chung:

(Click to enlarge)


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