March Monday’s Male Model….Chad Guthrie

For March we thought we would start taking a look at male models as well as the females we so regularly feature. It is a fact that male models make a fraction of the money that female models make and receive only about a tenth of the work. Men just aren’t as obsessed with looking at other men in magazines as women are at looking at other women. Go figure on that one as it’s men that I see looking at themselves in the mirror more than women these days….anyway, moving on.

I was sent some pics of this lovely young man this morning and I couldn’t help but put up a post about it. Chad Guthrie is your all American young man and I would be willing to bet money that you see this face in an Abercrombie and Fitch campaign within a year! He’s just sixteen, a fantastic 6’1 and weighs in at 172 pounds (isn’t it great how male models share their weight like it’s a badge of honour when female models would rather die than do such a thing).

Here’s a few reasons we think he’s the next Abercrombie poster child:

1. Eyes. The eyes and the smiles sell A&F.  These eyes you can get lost in pretty easily and they are just begging for a shot by Bruce Weber.

2. The Lips. I have to be honest here. I don’t think I have ever seen lips on a young man like this before. The entire modelling industry is based on finding something original and throwing it in front of a camera or a catwalk. Well, with this pout he’s bound to be at the top of his game.

3. For most young ladies looking at the pictures above I have a feeling you are wondering how I have waited this long to mention Chad’s amazing physique. Well ladies, he keeps cut with a mix of playing football, running track and participating in competitive diving. So maybe he’s also meant to be a model for Nautica or Hilfiger with this all American well-rounded background.

Watch out for this one….

And for my magazine chums out there….you can book Chad Guthrie through Wilhemina Evolution out of Charlotte, North Carolina.


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