Let’s let kids be kids and move away from analyzing their fashion until they are old enough to be fashionistas

All the gossip rags seem to be able to talk about these days are the children of celebrities. Shiloh Pitt and Suri Cruise seem to be the two taking the hit the hardest.  I find it hard to believe that the journalists behind these stories were the picture of perfection from the word go!  Being a kid is all about basically getting away with anything and feeling completely untouchable. So of course you experiment with fashion as a child. You wear high heels and play dress up and sometimes leave the house in a superwoman outfit. You play with your mom’s lippie or put glue in your hair and usually everyone on the street just smiles and says, “oh to be a kid again.”

I grew up with three brothers so fashion wasn’t exactly part of my daily life as a little girl (which might explain why I am not obsessed with it). I was more interested in playing cowboys and indians with my bros than strutting around in high heels. My mother loves telling the story of how I lost all of my beautiful hair. Growing up I looked like Pocohontas with hair that was so long at the age of eight that it stretched down the length of my back.  I used to go and sit with my brothers as they had their hair cut on a regular basis and one day I got tired of waiting around and doing nothing so I marched straight up to the stylist (while my mother had stepped away for a moment) and told him that I was meant to get my hair cut too…and it was to be as short as my brothers.  That was my one and only crop top. Thank God I decided to discover early on in life that short hair did not suit me at all.

So it is because of moments like that in my own life that I get so upset when I see covers like this one in the press. For all we know, Shiloh could have cut her own hair off while playing hair salon with some girlfriends.

Let’s ease up on the kids, guys, and instead focus on the twenty somethings that are going out with no underwear on….lay into them all you want!


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