Jewels to Perfume….I give you Herve Domar of Paris

Any connoisseur of jewellery will recognize the name “Herve Domar” instantly. His creations are legendary in Paris. Each new release is as eagerly awaited by women around the globe as a new Harry Potter book for a thirteen year old child. Well what happens when a world renowned jeweller moves sideways into fragrance?

When we received the package of scents from Herve Domar we were wondering just that. Would it work or should they have stuck with what they know and have succeeded at in the past? First of all, true artists never stick at what they are good at. That’s something bankers or office managers do. Artists create, evolve and look for opportunities everywhere possible. 

If you think about it, Herve Domar was designing jewels for women to feel gorgeous. It seems natural to move into creating another tool for women as seductresses…which, let’s be honest ladies, is true. Scent is so incredibly important in the game of desire and whether you freely admit it or not we all love it when someone says “oh wow, you smell absolutely lovely”.

All it took was one look at the perfume bottles from Herve Domar to realize that this step into another world of luxury was the right one to make. We hadn’t had a sniff of even one scent and we knew this was a match made in heaven. Here’s why- at the bottom of each bottle there is a precious stone. What’s genius about this exactly? Well, there is no name on the bottle. The scent is actually identified by the stone that rests on the bottle’s floor. There are nine scents in total, chosen for the role they play in Herve Domar’s personal universe.

They are (along with the stones found in the bottle):

Amber & Incense – Black Diamond

Rose – White Diamond

Patchouly Flower – Brown Diamond

Clove – Tanzanite

Lavender – Tourmaline

Coffee – Emerald

Orange & Clementine – Garnet

Lily & White Truffle – Sapphire

Tubereuse – Ruby

As if the stones and the scents weren’t enough of a pull towards purchasing this fragrance….you have the option of making the perfume your own completely! You can have the bottle custom engraved with your intitials, full name or a memorable sentence. You choose, they’ll put it on the bottle for you.

If you happen to be wondering through Paris stop into their shop at 48 Rue Dauphine or visit their website where you can place an order online.

We’re planning a stop into the store in a few weeks time just to stock up on our candles. Perhaps we failed to mention they have candles?! Well, we’re mentioning it now and we can’t wait to stock up on the lot as we are obsessed with heavenly scented candles these days.


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