The Holy Grail for Hair…I kid you not!

I’m not playing games here people. Read below, get on the site and order yourself up some of the greatest hair extensions I have ever had the honour of clipping onto my head.

I have pretty thick hair as it is but I am throwing a big Hollywood Legends party in ten days time and I wanted to give myself an extra kick so I decided to throw in the towel and try this whole hair extension craze that never seems to go away.You might remember reading the blogpost I wrote on the Cheryl Cole scandal for her Loreal commercial…her secret for fab hair? – Buying hair extensions!

A friend of mine recommended I try a site called Head Kandy. So I logged in and had a little read around the site.  Seeing that is was 100% human hair, I clutched my wallet to my chest and prayed for God to forgive me for the amount of money I was going to spend…we all know human hair does not come cheap! I swear to you that the series of events I am about to describe is 100% true. £14.99 came up on the screen and my jaw dropped, I rubbed my eyes to make sure I hadn’t left out a digit and then I screamed across the office for every girl within a 1 miles radius to come see what I had just discovered on my computer.  No one else believed it either. £14.99 for human hair…no way!

So I placed an order…there wasn’t a lot of money at stake here if it was all some sort of hoax. I ordered two 20-22 inch hair clip extensions in the melted chocolate colour.  I put in my credit card details, sat back and waited for my confirmation. Not only did I get a lovely, and personal, email thanking me for my order but I also was given confirmation when they were shipped and a tracking number to follow my new hair to its final destination.

This morning the package arrives in all its metallic glory. I told no one that I had received the package and I quietly excused myself to the ladies loo. I removed the hair from the packaging, ran my fingers through the strands and my God, it did feel as if it were my own…it really is human hair. I clipped the two extensions into place. Now anyone familiar with extensions will tell you that this is where the good is divided from the bad. Bad hair extensions are not only horrible painful because they pull and tug at all the wrong places but they are also horrible looking because you can usually see where the clips have been put in place!!!

Head Kandy could not have been more perfect. Not only did they clip in in two seconds, I couldn’t feel or see where they were clipped. It was honestly as if I had just grown six inches of hair and twice the thickness in seconds.  I know I am sounding like an infomercial here and I apologize for that, but honestly that is how excited I am for something that was given as a recommendation out of left field. Now I can’t shut up about them….so now the reaction.

I stepped out of the loo and into the office and I kid you not….everyone “wowed” me and wanted to know how I looked so fantastic….do I reveal or don’t I? This was a secret too good not to share so I’m letting the world know that tomorrow morning I might just come to work wearing those bad boys….and I might just wear them everyday…and I highly recommend that you look into this product if you are lacking that extra something in the hair arena these days. It’s an instant pick me up for much less than the price of a salon visit!


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