H&M’s Garden Collection: Our top three

Flowers are blooming, the sun is occassionally starting to come out in London and romance is truly in the air everywhere! The only thing we can talk about in the office are all of the wonderful Spring dresses we will be strutting around in as soon as the temperature gets to a balmy 65 degrees. Here we thought we would have to recycle our sundresses from last year and live without the indulgence of new purchases, but all that changed when we were sent the images from the H&M Garden Collection. Hello, jackpot! 

Yesterday we headed down to H&M and took a look at the garments first hand. It’s always interesting when we hear that a line is going to be “earth friendly”. Reading that the clothing is made from sustainable materials of recyled bottles or textile waste did not fill our hearts and minds with glee. We were rather expecting to touch something that felt similar to a burlap sack when we walked through the door at H&M Oxford Street.

So imagine our surprise when we picked up the long beige drawstring coat (pictured left above) and ran our hands across some of the smoothest fabric we have ever come in contact with. If this is saving the earth, sign us up for life! It only got better from there. 

Every piece is made for garden romance….or in our case, any romance we can find in London parks.  It is truly amazing what the high street is producing these days.  We won’t confess how much we spent in H&M yesterday but we will say it’s the most we have bought for that amount of money in some years and we are all set for the first few picnics in front of Kenwood House this year!

PS. The claws were out in the store yesterday as some teenagers were trying to get their size off the racks…we recommend getting in there ASAP before everything is gone!


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