Curvy Women get their own fashion week?

Full Figured Fashion Week?! Honestly guys, when are you going to learn? By singling out curves you aren’t helping the industry and you certainly aren’t helping women with curves feel better about themselves. You are just putting on a show which no one will attend and which will only receive publicity because they are shows containing larger than average sized models. 

The only way this week of fashion will receive any positive attention at all is if it showcases some real talent. There  is a huge gap in the market for women over a size 12. Everything they try to buy makes them either look like a hooker or a tent.   Why do we not have designers that create to flatter the natural curves of a real woman? There are only extremes in the plus size fashion world. I have yet to see one designer, even the high end curvy coutures, design apparel for the average size women that isn’t anything other than unflattering and I can’t for the life of me understand why it is so difficult to get right.  Women’s curves are so lovely. I’m sick of seeing the size zero skeleton on the pages of Vogue. I want to see a girl that looks like she indulges in a cheeseburger once in a while- not a girl who looks like she weighs less than one McDonald’s Big Mac. 

So that’s my little rant for the day. I’ll write up the “Full Figured Fashion Week” if you give me something to write about…there’s some food for thought.

Ladies and, surprisingly, gents…if you want to strut your stuff on the catwalk for this event and risk walking down the runway in an unflattering design (let’s just hope that isn’t the case), you can register to model in the event. You just have to meet the following requirements:


  • Minimum height- 5”7 without heals (if you are a plus petite model, you are encouraged to submit but your weight MUST be proportionate to your height. First consideration will be given to models who are at least 5’7”)
  • Dress size- 14-22
  • Runway experience is mandatory
  • Able to attend at least one fitting in NYC (fittings will be scheduled 2 weeks before show)
  • If you live outside of the state of New York, you must submit a video clip of your runway ability to us via See instructions above.


  • Minimum height- 5’11” – Maximum height – 6’5”
  • Able to follow directions
  • Great personality
  • Own an assortment of shoes (casual and dress)
  • Able to attend at least one fitting in NYC (fittings will be scheduled 2 weeks before show) 

We will be very interested to see how this whole thing pans out. Fingers crossed it is a change for the better!


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