The classic white shirt….reinvented by Isabelle Wang

I am a classic white shirt addict. I looked at one of my wardrobes yesterday and found that I had over twenty different plain, crisp white button downs. They are a wardrobe staple and every woman always must have at least one ready to wear at any given time. They take a regular outfit from drab to fab in sixty seconds flat. So of course when I receive news that there is a white shirt available with a touch of fabulous already attatched I have to let you all know about it (as well as placing a huge order for myself ;)) This morning I received the images from the Isabelle Wang Spring Summer 2010 collection and hello, gorgeous! I love the attention that is given to even the littlest things….and it makes all the difference in your appearance. It’s like taking a white shirt that could be Old Navy basic and turning it into Chanel Couture.

For example, giving the cuff a black trim or adding a bow to the chest of the shirt…it gives you a completely different look and one which makes you stand out from the pack. Let’s be honest ladies, we’re all looking for a way to stand out from every other tom,dick and harry walking down the street but we want to do it in a classy, subtle way.  I really believe Isabelle Wang  provides you with that opportunity.

The good and the bad news for you is that you have to make somewhat of a pilgrimage to purchase these goods. If you are in Europe your journey is to Germany or Switzerland. If you are USA based you can find the shirts in your local Coplon’s. So how is this good news? Well, I look at it like this. They are not your Gucci, Vuitton or Burberry, which can be found in every major city. You have to seek out these gems. So you can be sure that you won’t see a dozen women walking down the street in your same shirt! That’s always a huge plus in my book.

Oh and we absolutely love their advertising campaign which says everything it needs to about the importance of the white shirt in the world of luxury:



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