Bobbi Brown “Pretty Powerful” Launch….Get yourself to a Bobbi Brown stat, ladies!

Last night Bobbi Brown and Glam UK hosted a group of bloggers to launch their new campaign “Pretty Powerful” and I must say it left quite the impression. Each and every young lady in attendance was given a makeover by the leading UK makeup artists, including the talented Mr. Paul Herrington, for Bobbi Brown. According to Paul, a group of women were surveyed and asked if given the choice to look like any celebrity in the world, or look like an improved version of themselves which would they choose. The results are amazing. 86% of women in the United Kingdom claimed they would rather look like an improved version of themself rather than a famous face. That is amazing self love and probably a little scary for some in the beauty industry to hear as the industry runs on the idea of transforming yourself every morning with the makeup that you slap on your face. However, Bobbi Brown didn’t see it that way at all. In fact, the company has translated these results in the best possible way. If women really love the way they look why sell them products that transform them? Why not, instead, give them products that can enhance their natural beauty? And that is exactly what they are trying to make clear with this new campaign. 


 (All the lovely ladies listening as the beauty gospel is spoken by Paul Herrington, who had just returned from New York Fashion Week where he ran the makeup for shows such as Elie Tahari, Rachel Roy, Tibi and J. Mendel.)


 (The master, Paul Herrington, at work! He had a big task in front of him…trying to get me to look semi decent. There is no hope in covering up the bags that I have started calling my “blogging luggage”….)


I would highly recommend stepping into one of the Bobbi Brown stores to get your look updated ASAP. These guys are really fabulous and can recommend all of the right products for you to use. Makeup doesn’t have to be so intimidating is the greatest lesson I learned last night. You really have to play around to find what is right but rather than spending loads of money doing that why not just head straight to the people that do this for a living and have them point out exactly what you need? It’s worth the half hour of your time and the money spent on the products. Not only that, but they will show you how you can get your desired look in about five minutes. Who doesn’t love that?

What’s my new favourite product from last night? Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks…doesn’t get much better than this!

Watch the video for the campaign here as we were shown on the night of the event:


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