Anthropologie Kings Road Opens…a Mecca of tranquillity in Chelsea!

Well this morning I, Emily Johnston, am thirty years of age. I feel I have fallen into my thirties gracefully, I hope…but we will see how the next ten years pan out. I have to say that I can’t think of a better way to trip into the new decade of life than with an opening of a store in London that I have adored for years in America. You might remember several months ago the report I did on the Anthropologie opening on Regents Street. I thought I had found heaven in London and have been into the store at least two dozen times since it opened. It is my zen spot. It’s better than yoga and healthier than indulging in a bottle of wine. I come out feeling light as air. Unfortunately it is quickly swept away by the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest streets in London but none of that matters while inside the doors of Anthropologie

So when I received the invitation to the opening of the second store in London, on the Kings Road, I jumped at the chance to attend. How could I even dream of missing it?!  Anyone that has been in an Anthropologie store knows that every location is different. We aren’t walking into a Gap here people. In fact we aren’t walking into a clothing store at all if you really think about it. You are walking into a lifestyle.

This new location actually used to be a gentleman’s club on the Kings Road and is divided into two wide open spaces by stairs and a lovely waterfall/fountain. Apparently the front hall is where the gentleman would play their billiards and the back hall is where they would park their Astons (so said one of the lovely PR girls I spoke to last night). This particular Anthropologie is incredibly airy, which has a lot to do with the massively high ceilings. Glass and steel roofs allow for an incredible amount of natural light to flood through onto the items for sale. I could of course go on for days about the incredible plantlife in the store. This, in particular, has always fascinated me particularly as I don’t have a green bone in my body – I manage to kill every plant I have ever attempted to own! I could talk about the “found objects” that are used to display the wares..which I would kill to have in my own house one day. I could even wax lyrical about the fact that this is the first Anthropologie store to ever offer its very own wallpaper for sale! But I know you are picture people, so here is a selection of some shots from the night.

The store is open to the public tomorrow and trust me, it is worth the visit for an afternoon of wonderment!

131-141 King’s Road, London


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