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There’s nothing we love more than finding another superb blog about fashion….there are tens of thousands out there and thousands more coming into the world every day.  Not all will make it past month one.Many people expect to see thousands of people reading their blog within a month.  Sadly, it takes time, dedication and lots of love for your project. Results are not instant and it can sometimes be really frustrating. We’ve had to face the facts here at FFG that our own blog is a do or die project that could give out at any moment if we drop the ball or lose the passion.  So we do love when we are sent new blogs that haven’t yet been unearthed by the google gods. This morning we were passed a real gem that we wanted to share with all of our readers.  It’s called Fuella’s Blog. Straight from the homepage we are smacked in the face with some fantastic graphic design (which has made us think we need to go straight back to the drawing board for our own logo).The posts are thoughtful and not rushed…which is a change (around here we are running around like headless chickens all of the time).  It’s a relatively new blog but it’s one to watch….so add it to the list of those to read in 2010!

Fuella has posted the following as a description of herself:

“Fuella does what she does best when shopping. Everything looks shiny and has a bit more sparkle. Having strutted her sartorial stuff long enough to know when something is worth it, Fuella has decided to share her insider hints and tips with the outside world. Fuella will not be courted by passing trends, or seduced by a fancy campaign promising the sartorial equivalent of holy grail. This is a lady who has instinctive ability to ‘just know’ what looks good and what will look good next year and the year after that. Her mission is to find something that will stand the test of time both physically and stylishly, will have a price tag that is realistically good value, have been made well and is useful. There is no point in buying something that does not have a point. If you want to know more about Fuella, just ask!”


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