Ridiculous Fashion of the day award: Louis Vuitton’s Trash Bags

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For 2 big ones…no, I don’t mean two dollars….I mean $2000, (!?) you can be the proud owner of the newest creation from the Louis Vuitton creatives….it’s called the Raindrop Besace but I’m just going to stick with calling it the LV Trash bag. Are they just trying to make it easier for us all to rip off the bags in Chinatown?  

I’m not really in line with whatever Marc Jacobs was thinking when he decided to go down this road with the LV brand.  Is it some sort of reflection of the hard times in the world? And if so, why does it carry a pricetag of $2,000. Ohhhhh! Maybe he is trying to be ironic?

We’ll pass on this one, me thinks.  And trust us, that’s the first time we’ve said that about a Louis Vuitton accessory. I’m having trouble breathing just in typing those very words.


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