Pringle…hanging on by a thread?

Pringle was once the favoured brand of the royal families. Those with money wore the sweaters with pride as they climbed the Scottish Highlands. Recently, I have seen more of their pieces in TK Maxx than on the backs of Londoners.  The Guardian this morning reported that the company lost £9.3 million in 2009 and have received roughly £18 million from foreign owners recently who hope to revive the brand.  Pringle does, in fact, make amazing knits. We have a few vintage pieces in our closets that we take out on occasion for bundling up. But nothing has been purchased from a Pringle shop for years.  

I went hunting and think I may have found where they went wrong in 2009….it comes in the form of wasting their money on an absolutely horrific short film starring Tilda Swinton. 


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