The Plus Size issue…again

Right back, front and centre, the curvy woman. It’s only been about 48 hours since I last saw a press release about a plus size this or that.  Can we please stop saying we are being so accepting of the plus size model? We will only really be accepting the plus size category of women when we stop labelling them as plus size and merely allow them to appear in magazines alongside the other models. When they aren’t labelled as a “special section or feature” is when we will have all gotten over our size zero obsession. Until that day comes we are just playing a mind game here with the public.

So I can’t help but laugh when I see that Vogue Italia online has devoted a whole section of their website to the Curvy girl, as well as another section to black women called Vogue Black.  Really all you are saying, Vogue,  is “if you aren’t a size zero and white we too have “special” sections for you.”


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