Personalise your Louis Vuitton Luggage online

Monogramming your daily totes and luggage is all the rage this year. Our mums swore by the L.L. Bean monogrammed totes and our generation is ready to bring the trend back to the forefront of fashion with a sophisticated twist. Louis Vuitton, the luxury company who has had their finger on the pulse since the mid-1800s, has heard our calls for a change and given us a new virtual playground to make our dreams a reality.  The new LV online monogram station will allow you to combine two colours to not only monogram but also stripe your bag!

We managed to linger on the site for a good 60 minutes creating different colour combinations for our dream speedy and keepall bag.  There is nothing better than owning a Louis Vuitton that is personalised just for you.

Sweet Briar colours…pink and green! It’s the only way to go for our lady at the helm…Go Vixens!


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