Pajama Jeans are all the fashion now…

…for someone that maybe never leaves their house?

Ok, I know I shouldn’t be too quick to judge. In fact, these can’t be that much worse than jeggings. We’ve had to learn the hard way that the wrong jeggings on the wrong person can be near to catastrophic. Pajama jeans or “Paj-jeans,” as I am going to call them from now on, are at least a little looser than jeggings so that those less fortunate souls with dimpled thighs are not shamed by their legwear.  I suppose if you want to be semi-stylish while lazying around the house (completely out of sight from the general public) then Paj-jeans (Pajama Jeans) might be the latest greatest thing for you.

I doubt these will be the next must have item but I am happy to be proven wrong. Pajama Jeans people – send along a pair and let’s see why my readers should go out and spend $39.95 on you product.

Your sizing is appealing as everyone from a size 2 to a 22 can participate in what might be the next big trend.  You’ve caught on to the fact that women love jeans but we all also hate some of the problems that come along with jeans which include pancake butts, muffin tops and bulging bellies. Not only that but you’ve given us jeans that are comfortable. However, my experience with fashion has been that generally if what you are wearing is comfortable it’s not something that is at all fashionable. The more pain you are in, the hipper you are.

Readers…take a look for yourself at the advertorial for the product:


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