New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 Day 4: Herve Leger

You know when you have a favourite song and you can’t stop listening to it?  Then one day you can’t stand hearing it again because you have just played it way too much?  Well that’s sort of the way we feel about Herve Leger these days….he’s a song that just been overplayed. It’s no fault of the line…it’s just the way it goes with fashion. His bodycon dress was so popular that it seems there wasn’t an opening of an envelope in 2009 that was opened without an Herve Leger dress present. Well thank god for remixes…which is exactly what we saw on the runway today for Herve Leger…a remix of a classic.  The bodycon dress has evolved from an ace bandage type design to a sophisticated, flattering garment with intricate detailing. We’ll let the pictures do all the talking….but this show was impressive and this certainly won’t be the last time we see these. We’re sure the stylists are lining them up now for forthcoming red carpet events. 


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