New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 Day 1: Ports 1961

You could smell the fog filling the pitch black room as the lights came up it looked like a foggy London morning rather than a runway show in Bryant Park, New York City. Ports 1961 had certainly set a scene to debut their Fall/Winter 2010 line.  The first model down the runway was wearing pebble yellow wellies which seemed fitting for a day when everyone had struggled greatly through inclement weather to make it to the tents for the presentation. I thought, could these wellies be a replacement for the original footwear that is actually stuck in some other state with Fedex (as so many deliveries were held up because of the weather).

There was definitely a country-girl chic about the line presented. Leather, cotton, silk, wool and what I imagine was cashmere, were the foundation for the garments. The colours were rich, luxurious, deep and mainly neutral.  The models’ hair (for those without the strange rain caps on) was messy and tangled and gave one the feeling that they had just crawled out of their tree house. The looks were clean and calculated even though there was a messy feeling. Can messy be clean? no? Ports 1961 has in fact achieved the impossible then, as we saw this happen on the catwalk today. 

The designs were not clingy, they were boxy in fact. They didn’t hug the curves of the models’ bodies but were formed in a way that allowed the body to shine through in the way in which the fabric swayed as they moved.  Jewelry was chunky and loud, some in wood (yes, actually wood) others in some sort of acrylic with one necklace design resembling two closed tulips sharing a subtle kiss.  The clutches were large, the length of tie box, and adorned heavily with jewels and metallics. The trousers all seemed to be a mix between Harlem trousers and Jodhpurs.  Pants in silk made an appearance with those same cross-bred trousers playing a part. 

I’m happy to report that the long leather glove is back in style (not that it truly ever left us). They are seen worn with formal and casual wear and there are some looks were Ralph Lauren has clearly inspired the designer in his creations.  

Tia Cibani has impressed us once again! What a fabulous show and a great way to start off the week!


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