Net-a-porter launch online wedding boutique

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day, a two day countdown is playing on my mind. I have special plans for the loved one in my life…and this year it’s very unconventional. I’ll take pictures and share after the event. Don’t worry, I’m not popping the question in reverse style or anything. I think you’ll be shocked when you find out what I am actually doing on the big love day.  I digress.

I was invited last night to the launch of Net-a-porter’s new wedding boutique, which will be online and ready to sift through on the 16th of February 2010.  I went into the event thinking it was just another promotional event that I would sit through, write up and come away from the same woman as when I went in. Oh how naive I was!  I knew I was in trouble the moment I entered the sweet smelling French Salon at Claridge’s. They had me at hello with the sweet smelling room full of flowers, lit candles, golden chairs, cupcake trees and flutes of bubbly.  But I am used to atmosphere seduction so this only phased me a bit. 

It was when the models came marching out of the huge white paneled doors that my life changed. Why had I always thought I was a bride that could get married in a t-shirt and jeans in Vegas? How wrong I am, and I know my father will read this and wish I had never developed an interest in fashion. After attending wedding after wedding where the bride was wearing a dress that cost a gazzilion dollars I had reassured my father that I wasn’t the type of girl that needed a big fancy dress for the day. I’d rather use the money on good champagne for a crazy party! But all that has changes now.  I’ve fallen in love with a dress. It’s not just any dress…it’s my dress. I thought it was just a myth that when you see the dress you know…now I know!!!!

The dress is a silky dream…nude in colour…floor length with a modest slit up the side…strapless but loose around the bodice, not dissimilar to a beachy maxi dress. It has a small flower corsage detail on the top left breast and the rest is simple and straight and beautiful and the best thing I have ever seen! Even the label in the back of the dress gave me goosebumps. It’s a Lanvin creation. Anyone familiar with the brand will know immediately I have put myself in the “bridezilla” category for spending on my wedding dress now.  Or have I?

The wonderful thing that Net-a-porter has done here is find dresses that aren’t “typical” wedding dresses. They haven’t limited themselves to the dresses that designers designate as wedding apparel.  Rather they have examined countless collections and selected dresses that could work walking down the aisle. So you get funky dresses like the Lanvin Love t-shirt dress or the Herve Leger famed bodycon dress in all white.  And the wonderful thing here is that you can wear these dresses again! It doesn’t get much better. They even give you ideas for dresses based on the theme of your wedding, and suggest dresses and accessories for bridesmaids and mother of the bride!

So as the night continued I was seduced by dress after dress. The accessories table had me drooling. I’m not kidding. I had to keep myself from logging into the website then and there and ordering half of the accessories. Thank God they aren’t online just yet or I would have been in trouble! Net-a-porter may just fall in love with me after their boutique goes live on the 16th.  I will order one of everything regardless of whether a wedding is planned or not!

Ok I will stop this little love affair post now because it is clear I am obsessed and could write all day. I will just say this in closing. If you are familiar with the site you will know that they have revolutionized the way in which we shop as you can order pret-a-porter and have it delivered straight to your door. If it doesn’t work, you can just return it. Last night they mentioned an absolutely fabulous idea for the dresses. Everyone loves the experience of trying on wedding dresses with their girlfriends. Well why not have that experience in the comfort of your own home and make a whole night of it with champagne and cupcakes of your own?  Order as much as your credit card will allow and try on all the dresses so your friends can ooooo and ahhhhh at you right there and then.


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