Madonna and the great photoshop parade

Bloggers are going crazy with these photos today. I’m not sure what they are accomplishing really by bashing on Madonna for being photoshopped for the Louis Vuitton ads. Of course she is photoshopped! Every page in your magazine is doctored, ladies and gentleman. There is no surprise there. It isn’t Madonna who is holding a gun to the brand’s head insisting that she look young. She isn’t twenty anymore and we all know that. The LV ads look nothing like Madonna and in reality they should have just hired a younger model rather than going with the original material girl.

I will say this a million times and keep repeating it until I am blue in the face. Stop blaming the people modeling for these shoots! Look in the mirror and point the finger there. We are the people insisting that real people become something else before they are placed on the pages of a glossy magazine. I am just as bad as everyone else when it comes to this. I like seeing a beautiful woman modeling perfect clothes in my magazines. I work hard to try and look like her everyday. I starve myself, work myself ragged in the gym and spend more money than some small countries on beauty products to keep myself looking young. But I don’t know how we change it. All I know is that we shouldn’t point fingers at other people… bloggers, play nice!


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