Keeping Jeans in Boots: A Solution to a trendy problem

Everywhere you look these days you see girls walking around with their jeans, trousers or leggings tucked into their boots. Thank god this trend took off simultaneously with the skinny jean trend! Because the skinny jeans have become so tight that our calves are barely getting any circulation, there is little chance your jeans riding up out of your boots. However, if you are sticking to the classic bootleg style of jean or wide leg trousers, etc, etc…you might encounter a very big problem I like to call the  “boot bunch.” This is that unsightly bunch of fabric that rides up over the top of your boots as you walk around town. No one ever wants this look but for a long time it was unavoidable…unless, of course, you wanted to stop every five minutes to jostle your jeans. I found the perfect solution to “boot bunching” last season when I had had just about enough.  To keep my sheets down over my abnormally large mattress I have removal bungie type hooks that held them in place.  So I removed these and hooked them onto my jeans to keep them down around my ankles when wearing boots.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking about the masses of women out there that might have the same problem.  However, one woman did! And now for $9.99 you can purchase Jean Straps. These are basically removable stirrups for your legwear. They are pretty much what I was using but with a nicer look to them.  I would recommend these for any young lady following fashion. They are the ultimate in problem solving!


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