Is Noah Cyrus the next goldmine for the Cyrus family?

So I have been getting a lot of emails about the fact that little nine-year-old Noah Cyrus, sister of Miley Cyrus, is launching a fashion line with her best friend, Emily (who is only eight years of age).  So I went searching for some images of Noah on google images and I was actually hesitant to click on some images as I thought they might be from some child-pornography site. I was expecting agents to knock on my door at any moment and drag me away with my computer behind me. And what would my excuse be exactly? Would they really believe me when I tell them I was researching a nine-year-old’s style for an article on her new fashion line? I would be laughed out of the police station.
Of course this is worrying. A nine-year-old who dresses so explicitly that her pictures could be considered risky is not something we should be encouraging is it? But someone out there sees this little lady as a goldmine and have thus agreed to give her a fashion line for budding young fashionistas.  There haven’t been too many details released to the public other than some mutterings of the fashion line going up to a girl’s size fourteen.


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