Hotels and fashion? W hotels hires Amanda Ross from Lipstick Jungle fame

 Knowing a concierge who can arrange for special viewings with stores in the city or having a doorman that will help you to your room with your multiple designer purchases has always been a plus for me, when it comes to hotels . I’ve chosen one luxury accomodation over another because of it, actually. But that, my friends, is the extent of my combining fashion with hotel stays. So it was surprising to read in this morning’s Wall Street Journal that W Hotels have hired a fashion director for the brand. Next week, at the start of New York Fashion Week, W Hotels will officially announce the hiring of Miss Amanda Ross, as their brand spanking new Fashion Director. According to the WSJ her role will include organizing new uniforms for staff, consulting on the style of the hotels and aiding in the development of collections to be sold in the hotel. It’s not a bad idea at all. Hell, I’m all for it! More power to W Hotels for finding a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Now let’s see what she does with the task at hand.

You may remember the awesome show “Lipstick Jungle” (based on the Candace Bushnell book) that aired for a year with Brooke Sheilds….well the fashion was actually a hundred times better than the show….and Amanda Ross was the stylist!


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