Hello, Halston Fall 2010

This season Marios Schwab, designer for the Halston brand, took a step away from the traditional look developed by the late designer and founder of the brand, Roy Halston Frowick. He had room to breathe this season with the launch of the Halston Heritage line (headed up now by Sarah Jessica Parker) which will preserve the classic designs of Halston for the future. Schwab is then free to reinvent the wheel here, essentially. 

With that freedom comes great responsibility as buyers of Halston have become accustomed to a classic style of dress. We think Schwab realized this from the beginning and has therefore chosen to take baby steps in updating the brand with modern trends so as to keep his buyers close and along for the ride in the future.  The cuts of the dresses were similar to Halston of the past, flattering the curves of the body and keeping a modest amount of flesh on display. Modern updates such as his gorgeous pale purple sweater dress with geometric detailing and fur sleeves are absolutely ingenious! Don’t ask us why but we’ve all come to the conclusion that the red floor length gown is absolutely a must for Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Connelly….could it make an appearance on a red carpet near you soon? We’ll have to wait and see!


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