Fur-bulous Dennis Basso Fall 2010

Sing-a-long with me, ” Anything you can do, Dennis Basso can do better…” 

We all predicted fur would be a big part of fashion week this year and we’ve watched it on catwalk after catwalk in the past five days. So you had to think that whatever Dennis Basso was planning would be an explosion of the trend. And here we are with the finest, most luxurious, totally over the top fur of the week.  We’ve died and gone to heaven, PETA be damned.  Chincilla, Fox and Raccoon all made up parts of what was definitely the best outerwear of the week. Basso played the fur correctly by pairing it with simple lines and fabrics. The emphasis is all fur and nothing else so all the garments are designed to drive that point home.

Should we win the Euro-millions lottery you will see us in Basso and nothing else next winter.


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