For all the tall ladies…Martha Stewart offers some fashion advice

I just got an email from a reader bringing my attention to a recent show on Martha Stewart, in the US, that was all about tall people! The whole entire audience was over 6 feet tall…how awesome is that?! Damn, I wish I still lived in the USA sometimes (if you are a regular reader you will know that I am a 6’2 American who is obsessed with her height). Anyway, you can go and view the entire show online where they speak to women about the issues of being tall, where to find clothing and how to style appropriately,  etc. etc.

The show also featured the lovely and talented writer, Arianne Cohen, who you may remember reading about in Vogue a few years ago….
(I’m going to email her and see if I can set up an interview…she sounds like someone I would love to take for afternoon tea).


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