Fashion Twitter Treats from Robert Duffy

We are loving Robert Duffy on Twitter. He’s the president of Marc Jacobs and he has found the time in his busy business day to tweet with the people of the world! So far his tweeting has been so entertaining we can’t step away for even a minute.

He has managed to ruffle a few feathers since signing up. What makes him so wonderful is his love for speaking the truth! He is honest and real and answers queries from Marc Jacobs fans that I imagine must be wearing after time. Duffy has addressed the way in which reality television has given the world of fashion a bad name (could he possibly be referring to Kelly Cutrone’s new show?) He’s tweeted about airlines being sucky, which we all know is the truth. He even named the airline outright, which I think probably wasn’t intentional. Perhaps American Airlines will now wake up and realize that unless you are sitting in first class (where you get warm chocolate chip cookies mid-flight) your airline really does bite the big one! He’s saying what we all have said a million times but is now getting recognition for it as the press team at American Airlines has a serious breakdown over his comments and the way in which they will damage their company’s image.

So Mr. Duffy, we salute you and follow with pride! Keep it real and honest…just like the brand you have worked so hard to make a success!


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