Donna Karan trends ruffles for fall 2010


There were so many fabulous things to say about Donna Karan‘s fall line that we had to choose just one to focus on or we would be here all day writing about it and the PR people over at the house of DK might think we were scary stalkers!  

Is there a better trend to focus on than ruffles? Donna Karan has answered our ruffle prayers. Giant ruffle collars on crisp white shirts that carress the neck and stream down the chest through to the waist. It’s as if you have Queen Elizabeth on top and Joan Jett (with the tight black trousers) on the bottom. Really, who else can achieve such an awesome look? Giant ruffle skirts that poof out from the body like sweet meringues. Evening gowns that have such thick and glorious ruffles you feel you could suffocate in the rings of fabric and die a happy woman. 

Donna Karan’s signature line is celebrating its 25th year this year and she has definitely proven she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. She has stood the test of time and continues to bring us modern works of art that translate perfectly for every woman’s wardrobe.


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