Chicwalks: a must have application for shoppers

Ever visited a city that you’ve heard is a shopping mecca and not known where the heck to start your purchasing adventure?  Well fear not, finally a brilliant woman has found the solution to this disastrous problem! Karen Henrich has developed Chicwalks. Chicwalks is an application that you can download to your mobile phone, which offers meticulously researched shopping walks for fashion capitals worldwide, starting with mapped shopping routes for Vancouver (handy for the current Olympics) Paris, and soon adding San Francisco.

Make sure to download the application now! It is completely free!

We’ve had so much fun playing around with the app on iphone…so much fun in fact that we are planning a trip to Paris to put it into action. We’ll report back on our progress.

Karen was nice enough to answer a few short questions for us about the company and her personal preferences when it comes to style and travel:

1. How did you come up with such a fabulous concept?

KH: I went to Paris in April 2005 to start a tour company for women, and quickly became a ‘shopping expert’ since most of the English-speaking women coming on our tours wanted to shop. So I quickly sussed out the entire city for its shopping gems by taking the metro and getting off at practically every stop, walking down every street and poking my head into shops, cafes and restaurants and documenting all of it.

2. What was your ultimate goal when you started the company…in other
words, where did you want to be in ten years with it? Bigger dreams for a project that is already fab?

KH: To provide shopping walks for every fashion capital worldwide. I am a global kind of a gal and think big. I also have been very frustrated trying to piece together my own research and a strategic plan every time I hit a fabulous new city. Who has time? Just give me an app that shows me where the shopping is!

You must know everything there is to know about travelling in style so we’d like to chew into some of that knowledge for our readers:

a. What is the one thing you can’t live without when you travel?

KH: An international plug adapter, with as many prongs as possible. To plug in all the electronic gadgets. Looking forward to the day when this can be done wirelessly.

b. The outfit you find is best for shopping adventures?

KH: Leggings and a comfortable long top is good. You can layer it, dress it up or change it any way that the situation calls for.

c. The best city for shopping in the world is…..

KH: I have three: Paris, New York and Hong Kong.

d. The friendliest shopping city….

KH: Tel Aviv, the people are SO friendly there, even though often you are checked before entering a business or mall by a machine-gun toting security person.

e. Which city offers the best bargains?

KH: Every city has great bargains, you just have to know where to find them.

g. What is the one luxury item you couldn’t imagine the world without?

KH: Cashmere: it’s luxurious, comfortable, wears well and lasts forever.

Take a look at the video demo for the application here:


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