Celebrity Closets…a look back

I read a great article in the Wall Street Journal this morning about Tamara Mellon‘s closet. Apparently she stopped keeping count of how many shoes she had after the 800th pair made its way into her closet. Life must be tough, Tamara. Well it turns out not even Mellon’s closet is big enough for all of her shoes. Even after having it lenthened by six feet,  she still has 37 pairs of shoes sitting outside the door waited for a home in the high heeled mecca. You’ll have to log on to the Wall Street Journal to see all of the fantastic images of her closet, which seems to go on for miles…but I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the closets we have seen in the past….here’s our countdown of the top ten celebrity closets….

10. Ashanti. Not bad, not bad.  A lot of sneakers though…and we’d like to see more than just shoes!


9. Chloe Sevigny. She’s a Hollywood starlet. We’re hoping she has upgraded her closet since this shoot was done with People Magazine.


8. Eva Longoria. Yes, we would die for her collection of jeans. Everything looks so nice and tidy! What do you reckon? Does she hang her own jeans or does she have a team of jean-iologists who do the job for her? 


  7. This won’t be the last homage to SATC you see on this countdown. Kim Cattrall‘s closet is gorgeous and huge. Remember, she lives in NYC so space is an issue!


6. Kimora Lee Simmons. Well she is a diva and a diva has to have the wardrobe to back up the attitude!


5. Nicky Hilton. Well I think I Paris’s closet might be an even better adventure in photography but Nicky gives good closet here. Nice, ladylike and very organized. It’s tough being an heiress, as you can see.

  4.  Where there is a Hilton there is a Richie…Nicole Richie‘s closet is pretty fab wouldn’t you say? A lot of clothes and it reminds me of my closet growing up…so I’m a little bit prejudice at number four.

  3. Mariah Carey. Now this may be number one on my lists for closets but it’s not for ours. It feels more like a shrine and not a place where you can really get your groove on when it comes to sifting through clothes in a mad rush to find the perfect outfit. 

2. Paula Abdul….It looks like a shop! I mean who has sunglass carousels?!


  1. Carrie Bradshaw‘s Closet. Ok, she may be fictional but her closet was as real as the night is dark. We all watched Sex and the City and drooled over her perfect closet for years. It can’t not be included in a countdown. The only closet that might be it is the one Carrie gets in the first Sex and the City movie!


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