Blumarine debuts the “mullet” dress

Zebra Trousers, Zebra tops, Zebra jackets, Zebra wraps, Zebra bags….you name it, Blumarine covered it in the animal print. It’s a good thing it was faux or the world might have just said goodbye to entire family of Zebras just to complete this show. And just when you thought that the designer had chosen to move on, Zebra walked back onto the runway. What caused this intense obsession this season?  I was slightly relieved when I saw a python boot come down the runway, finally a step away from the Zebra obsession. 

The show ended on a lighter note with what I am going to call the pastel coloured”mullet” dresses…short in the front and long in the back.  It didn’t work for hair and it certainly doesn’t seem to have the desired effect on the runway either. Not my favourite Blumarine show to date, as I’m sure you can tell. 


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