Ben De Lisi model shares his family jewels on live television

For the lucky live viewers Live 5 on ITV1, Ben de Lisi provided quite the unexpected show. He was appearing on the show to launch his new design for the traditionally hideous hospital gown! When his model turned around to show the way in which the back of the traditional gown is open, the producers were ready with a graphic to hide the rearview.  What they did not remember is that wearing no underwear leaves a lot more than just your bum on display! Yikes! Does anyone work at the station that can provide us with exclusive footage? It is, after all, fashion related.
We are, however,  proud of Ben de Lisi for taking some time for a much needed revamp of the hospital gown. But before we all go getting weepy eyed about his good deed it should be mentioned that this is a $80million industry he is attempting to enter into. For money or the good of the patients sanity? Either way we’ll thank him if we ever end up in a hospital bed wearing his designs in the future.
Source: The Sun


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