Dressing in Couple-dom

What do you think of couples that dress alike? Who can forget the wonderful denim extravaganza we all witnessed when Britney and Justin decided to play twinsies!?  I’m not really sure it is something that should ever be done. But for some people, the more time you spend with them the more their style seems to influence you. Example one…I never used to wear rock t-shirts. Mr. Man in my life always wears rock t-shirts and I now I find that I am mixing them into my daily attire! I actually wore a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt with high rise tweed trousers and a Marc Jacobs black tuxedo jacket last week. It was an awesome look I would have never dreamt of pairing before now!

Which leads me to where I was headed….Kiera Knightly and Rupert Friend leaving dinner last night in a Shearling love episode…good or bad? And do you think Kiera paid for that lovely Burberry coat? hmmmm….


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